Junction 28 M5

Junction 28 M5
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Possible New Junction

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Traffic & Pollution Versus Conservation Area

There is an ongoing option to build 350 houses near Knowle Lane, Cullompton, there was a requirement for a traffic management plan to address increased traffic & pollution. There were 4 options put forward (Below are details)
Devon County wanted Option 1, Mid Devon District Council wanted Option 4 (minor reduction in Pollution Tiverton Rd/ Fore St BUT an increase in Swallow Way )

Which Option if any would you prefer ? MDDC voted for Option 4

How will increased traffic affect pollution and conservation area right through the town.

Option1 includes banning vehicles turning right from Tiverton Road into High Street and banning left turners from High Street into Tiverton Road. This would require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and although reducing conflict at the Tiverton Road/High Street junction, it would redistribute traffic on the wider network but the impact is likely to be negligible as this would be over a wider area. This option would not affect the currently provided bus services.

Option 2 includes making Tiverton Road one way eastwards (between the High Street/Tiverton Road junction to just before the fire station) so that traffic can travel towards the town but could not turn from High Street into Tiverton Road. This would enable the fire vehicles to travel in either direction from the fire station and remove the conflict at the junction. It would mean that traffic would be redistributed along Swallow Way and the wider area so the impact is likely to be negligible as this would be over a wider area. This would require a TRO and would affect the bus service

Option 3 also includes making Tiverton Road one-way but westwards so that traffic can only travel in the Tiverton direction. This would restrict the movement of fire vehicles and also the bus services. A TRO would be required.

Option 4 includes making High Street on way southwards (from Tiverton Road junction to Lower Bullring) and Tiverton Road one way eastwards (from the fire station only). This would in effect create a one way system around the town and enable other works to take place to improve the town centre. This would also require a TRO.

Can you beat the planners with a better way ?

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Car Parking

There are two car parks in the town, one owned by Mid Devon District Council in Forge Way, this is a pay and display, there is a second car park FREE in St Andrews, owned by the Town Council.

The Town Council in the past asked if it was possible to use part of the Old Tannary off  Exter Road (opposite Somefields) the owners agreed, but Mid Devon was not able to help fund and run it with the town council, PARKING is an issue, polite comments . views etc.

Sign Petition for new Motorway Junction

Please pay a visit to the link and sign the petition, this is a major issue, we need to get Highways Agency pay for it, any new Town(s) built near Broadclyst will push more traffic towards Cullompton